DEC 2017 specialties

The following is a schedule of specialties to be featured at our markets and Winter Bread Share Program through the end of 2017:

DEC 09
Specialty Bread: Sechskornbrot
Specialty Croissant: Caramel-Hazelnut Croissant

DEC 16
Specialty Bread: Brioche Loaf/Buns
Specialty Croissant: Coconut Croissant, Prosciutto/Manchego Savory Croissant

DEC 23
Specialty Bread: Pane al Cioccolato
Specialty Croissant: Cinnamon, Roasted Walnut Croissant

DEC 30
Specialty Bread: Buckwheat Bread
Specialty Croissant: Coconut Croissant